Thursday, September 16, 2010

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr.

Well, well, well, we meet again!  Here we are sitting, chatting, and thinking why it has been so long.  I can only say that I have been a very busy girl.  But I am back on the book track and reading like a champ again.  So let's get to it!
  This weeks book is Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr.

   I found myself very lost in the beginning.  Getting very confused as to who was who.  I know it has been a while since I read this series, but I thought I remembered where it left off.  What I didn't remember that it is not Melissa's style to just pick up where she left off.  Isn't this why I like her writing so much?  Yes it is!  Each book of the series is never about the same main character.  Each one entangled into each other by different but same characters.  If that makes any sense to you. It does to me.  Think of it as a book series kind of like that show 24.  Just not as lame.  All the characters play an important part to the overall story but all happen at the same time or slightly after.
   Moving on from that.  Once I found my way around the world of Huntsdale again, I settled in and read my eyes blind through the chapters.  Ani, is one of our main characters and she belongs to the Hounds.  She feeds off of both faerie and human emotions and touch.  Which makes her very different and very important.  She is part of the Dark Court, which is now ruled by Niall with Irial as an advisor. (These two you met in Ink Exchange.)  We met her in the previous books, but only in passing or for brief moments.  She is a young, strong half mortal half faerie.
   Let's cue in our other main character, Devlin.  Devlin is a faerie as well but he serves the High Queen of Faerie, Sorcha.  He is her thug, assassin, or as they say in the book "her bloody hand".  He was made by Sorcha and her twin sister, Bananach.  (History: Sorcha - High Queen of Faerie / Balance  Bananach - WAR /chaos.)  Unable to live his own life Devlin feels trapped doing the queens bidding.
    Devlin was ordered to kill Ani when she was only a pup.  Thanks to his ethereal friend, Rae, who comes to him in his dreams, she persuades him not kill Ani.  Cue up a long time later and he finds himself in a nightclub with her.  She kisses him and drinks up his emotions. Their lives become entangled together to make a huge change in the mortal world and in faerie.
    I don't want to go more into it and tell you the whole book.  Otherwise you won't read it.  Overall I really enjoyed the book, it just took me a while to sit down and get committed. I am glad I did.  If you are interested in checking out more of Melissa Marr's writing you can check out her website at Harper Teen on Here.

  Thanks for stopping by.  I will try to keep updating.  I am finished with Captivate as well.  Just need to eat some lunch before I can write a review. See ya!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back on the Hunt!

Hey hey internet land!  I am back on the hunt again!  I got my copy of Rise of the Deva'shi back.  Which you can now get in stores like Barnes & Noble, Borders, and on any eReader.  I hope that you check this book out.  I will be finishing the book this week.  If not in a few days!  I know I know I have said it before but I swear this time!  After that though I have Captivate by Carrie Jones and Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr to read.  I will keep you posted! Ha ha thats' kind of funny.  Keep you posted on a blog! Never mind too early for this.

Check you later!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wishing life was more like a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Are you listening?? This just might be the most...thinking really hard for the right word...wait for it...I got it enlightening thing I might type on this blog.  I know here we go with a blog post about something that has nothing to do with books, but let me remind you this is my blog and who says there isn't a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream on top of my book shelf.  Ha, you didn't know did you!  That'll teach you! Rambling again!
   Why do I wish life was more like a bowl of MCC Ice Cream, you ask? Well if it was it would be the best life ever.  It would be cool, green, and shocking!  Not to mention the little bits of happiness that the chocolate chips bring! What isn't exciting about that?  I would love for it to be that way every day!  Yum!  Ice cream brings every one happiness and so why wouldn't I want that happiness all the time.  If I could eat ice cream all day and not gain one pound I would.  You know you would too!  It may not be MCC, but it could be a vast array of flavors.  Would you want the same flavor every day?  Or something different?  Today I am MCC. Maybe tomorrow I will be Chocolate Almond Chip! Dark, fulfilling, crunchy, and hard!  Hmmm...I seemed to have a "Chip" addiction! See it says it all!
  Usually I don't ask for feedback but today I am reaching out to you my anonymous fans.  What kind of ice cream are you and why?
  I am hoping I am not writing to myself.  If I am I will keep on with my ramblings.  Till then folks!
Go forth with the spoon and conquer!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What makes someone so great?

 So what makes someone so great?  i don't know the answer but I wish I did.  Do you?  If you do you should tell me.  I sure would love to know.
    I just spent my day watching two extremely great movies.  Which lead me to the question of the day.  which will also lead to two different quotes for the quote of the day.  Thanks again Netflix for your heavy enthusiasm to feed my television addiction.
    First I started the day with Chaplin: The Movie, directed by Richard Attenborough.  This movie chronicles the life of Charlie Chaplin.  Based off of the autobiography written by himself. (Duh! Otherwise it wouldn't of been an autobiography) The cast list of this film is so long that you wouldn't believe that many stars could appear in one movie.  Release year '92-'93.  Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Charlie Chaplin.  This showed the perseverance and drive of the comic.  How he came to make films and how he never lost sight of the goals he had.  He never let anyone deter him from what he wanted. What amazed me the most was all the different eras he lived through.  Charlie lived well into his late 80's.  I recommend this movie to anyone.  If you weren't a Charlie Chaplin fan before the movie you will be when it's over.  5 out of 5 stars for me.

  The second movie that fulfilled the rest of my day today was When You're Strange, directed by Tom DiCillo.  Released in April of 2010.  This documentary about The Doors was intriguing.  Rare footage of The Doors clipped together to make a rockumentary.  It reminded me of that show that I used to watch when I was a kid on VH1. Oh yeah, Behind the Music.  It was like that but way better.  This was real footage.  Some never before seen.  I felt like I was looking into the soul of the band and the influential era of the late 60's and early 70's.  It made me wish to be there just to be able to experience the height of rebellion.  Everyone doing their own thing.  One band having such a major influence over a nation and the world.  There were so many bands from this era that had this control.  You'll never find a group of bands like it today.  It is worth checking out.  5 out 5 for me.

With a day like today how do you find greatness? Look into your TV.  These men were born to do something great with their lives.  Even though at times they were destructive to themselves and others around them, they still had influence over their peers.  How did they get it and where did it come from?  Can anyone achieve greatness?  Or is it something that only a few handful of people are born with?
I'll let you decide.

Friday, July 16, 2010

The day in the life of a jobless wonder!

Hey Hey internet land.  Coming to you live from her jobless life, Tara!!!
  STOP!  No more self loathing online.  It is so unattractive of a woman.  I completely apologize.
If I wasn't unemployed how could I spend so much time coming up with great things to write about.  Like spending my whole day watching Veronica Mars on my Netflix all day!  When I say all day I mean all day!  Three seasons consisting of 22 episodes each since Sunday and only 8 episodes away from completing all three seasons to make the series.  That's pretty pathetic.  When I joked about looking for motivation on facebook, I wasn't kidding.  I need to get me a J.O.B. peeps.
    Good news is I got my copy of Rise of the Deva'shi here and I am going to finish it up and give you a review.  Soon.  I think I can tackle that project.  Well I am signing out now.  I apologize again for a crappy day and no "quote" for yesterday!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A total "Dude" movie!

OK peeps of the unreading kind, this is for you.  I know I said I was only going to discuss books and then I talk about a TV show.  However there can be other things hanging out on my book shelves and I can talk about them whenever I want.  It's my blog. So Blah!
   Last night I went to the movies with my husband, Luc.  He wanted to see "Predators" and I didn't.  I tried really hard to find some movie that matched up and there was nothing.  Oh Man! I was one of maybe six girls in the theater.  This movie was completely made for "Guys" night out.  Everything was loaded with big explosions, loud guns, dudes getting killed, and sexy girls. When I say everything I mean everything.  Even the previews were loaded with all this stuff.  The preview for "The Expendables" came on all the guys started hooting and hollering. You know the one were every action guy we have seen for the past twenty years is in it.   It was really funny.  Overall Predators was completely cheesy and somewhat entertaining.  If you are a guy and liked all the movies in the series chance are you will find it entertaining.  There is swearing, explosions, lots of killing, and super cheesy music.  I laughed a LOT!  Not that i don't respect this lost art talent of making old school classic horror films.  I give this movie a 3 stars out of 5.  It was super cheesy but still entertaining.  Thank goodness I only paid $6.00.
   Oh P.S. Adrian Brody looks really good in the movie, but the part of being an action hero is really weird on him.

   You've got something to chomp on now scram!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Back in Action!

  Hello...Testing...1...2...3....Is anyone there? Internet Cyberspace are you listening?  I guess you are the only one.  That's ok.  Just finished with the big move and now I can get some real work done.  I was currently reading Rise of the Deva'shi by Jennifer Allis Provost but have left my copy at my old house.  Don't panic people.  I will get my copy back.

   In the meantime let's talk T.V.  I know, I know, the site says "Tara's BOOK Shelf", but I just can't help it.  Haven't been able to read much lately and watching t.v. is one of my few favorite things to do.  So let's talk tube.  I recently have discovered Veronica Mars on my netflix.  I had wanted to watch it when it originally came out but it conflicted with other shows I watched.  I am hooked.  I find Kristin Bell's voice to bring me back to those blogging days of one of every girls favorite blogger, Carrie Bradshaw.  Kristin's narrative ways completely remind me of Sarah Jessica Parker.  I wonder whether Rob Thomas channeled a teen Carrie while writing the show.  You know how writers play their favorite play lists in the background?  Maybe someone was doing the same, just had the show on in the background.  It doesn't matter either way.
  I can't decide if it is the on going case through the season, the love triangle with a very cute Jason Dohring, or the small different cases every episode. Mmmmm....Jason Dohring!  Yum!  I think it may be him.  Boy was I glad to see one of my favorite vamps, Josef (from Moonlight), playing a hot hunky high school boy! He has a Edward Norton-esk kind of look to him, don't you think?  Either way I really enjoy the show and I find Kristin to be very cute as well.  It's nice to see her growing career blossom into an actress I can enjoy watching.

   I also saw Eclipse not to long ago.  I have always said it was my favorite book.  The movie lived up to my expectations.  The tent scene also titled "Fire and Ice" in the book was almost to the "T".  I really appreciate that Melissa Rosenberg.  Thank you for writing that the right way and kudos to the editor who left the scene the way it was suppose to be and didn't chop it to pieces and feed it to the frenzy of the "Man".  I always knew that movies are not necessarily crappy because of the writers but because of bad editing.  But that doesn't mean that the writers are off the hook either.   As usual Robert Pattinson sparkled in true Edward fashion and Taylor Lautner stalked around like the true Jacob we all know.  I am still Switzerland.  I was always an Edward fan but in my heart I am truly Swiss and could never have chose between them.  If I was Bella I probably would have ran off and lived in misery all by myself.  Good for her to make a choice.  Now we will have to wait and see what comes next.  Will Breaking Dawn get a rating of "R" or "PG-16".    I personally want "R"!  We need some action.

Alright cyberspace I am leaving now.  I promise I will try to be back regularly.  How else will we make this a true blog spot! This is me signing out!

Peace! (Just seemed appropriate...don't ask, I don't know.)