Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wishing life was more like a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

Are you listening?? This just might be the most...thinking really hard for the right word...wait for it...I got it enlightening thing I might type on this blog.  I know here we go with a blog post about something that has nothing to do with books, but let me remind you this is my blog and who says there isn't a bowl of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream on top of my book shelf.  Ha, you didn't know did you!  That'll teach you! Rambling again!
   Why do I wish life was more like a bowl of MCC Ice Cream, you ask? Well if it was it would be the best life ever.  It would be cool, green, and shocking!  Not to mention the little bits of happiness that the chocolate chips bring! What isn't exciting about that?  I would love for it to be that way every day!  Yum!  Ice cream brings every one happiness and so why wouldn't I want that happiness all the time.  If I could eat ice cream all day and not gain one pound I would.  You know you would too!  It may not be MCC, but it could be a vast array of flavors.  Would you want the same flavor every day?  Or something different?  Today I am MCC. Maybe tomorrow I will be Chocolate Almond Chip! Dark, fulfilling, crunchy, and hard!  Hmmm...I seemed to have a "Chip" addiction! See it says it all!
  Usually I don't ask for feedback but today I am reaching out to you my anonymous fans.  What kind of ice cream are you and why?
  I am hoping I am not writing to myself.  If I am I will keep on with my ramblings.  Till then folks!
Go forth with the spoon and conquer!!!


  1. Now I want ice cream for dinner! Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream to be exact! An effort to be smooth, uplifting, and sweet? Nope, it just makes me happy!

  2. The greatest ice cream EVER is S'mores by Ben & Jerry

  3. I have to concur on the s'mores and coffee heath bar! Those are both so yummy in yet different ways!

  4. I am a lifelong MCC fan too! Mint choco chip is freaking awesome! Although last night I got majorly sick off an entire pint if PHISH FOOD by B&J I guess it was nostalgia that led me to it in the freezer case (followed Phish as a crazy dead head/phish head hippy teenager) and its chocolate ice cream with caramel & marshmallow swirl with little fish shaped fudge candies. OMG YUMMY awesomesauce-ness but its rich so an entire pint is puke city.
    BTW ur blog tuns kick ass. 1st song was Tiny Dancer a song that drags me back to my care free teen days..too bad I forgot a lot of them! ;)
    Cool blog, new follower.


    1. Thanks Vampyre Gurls Book Club!!! Its been a while since I wrote anything on my blog! it's nice to know some people out there are still reading things! Careful with that Heavy spoon of Phish Food! it is dangerous and overindulgent! :)